Are Afghan Hounds Good Family Dogs?

are afghan hounds hypoallergenic

Are Afghan Hounds Good Family Dogs?

Are you looking for information about the Afghan Hound dog breed? Then you have come to the right place. The following is general information regarding the Afghan Hound. You will find information about the Afghan Hound breed regarding coat, color, size, weight, group classification, temperament, are Afghan Hounds hypoallergenic, and other items of interest.

This basic, easy to understand information will help you decide if the Afghan Hound breed would make a good family dog.


What is the general appearance of an Afghan Hound? The Afghan Hound has silky hair that can be tied in a top knot on its head. The Afghan Hound can vary in color including brown, black, white, and gray.


How big is an Afghan Hound? With regard to size, the Afghan Hound is a large, dignified dog. The Afghan Hound is 50-60 pounds in weight. The Afghan Hound belongs to the Hound group.

Are Afghan Hounds Hypoallergenic?

Yes. Afghan Hounds are hypoallergenic. They do shed their hair a little but this is minimal in comparison to other dogs.

Afghan Hound Temperament:

What does an Afghan Hound act like? The temperament of an Afghan Hound is aloof and dignified. The Afghan Hound may not be good with children because it has been known to be snippy. The Afghan Hound makes a great house pet if you train them properly.

Interesting Fact:

What other interesting tidbits should I know about the Afghan Hound breed? The Afghan Hound has a history of being looked at as an “exotic” dog breed. The long, silky hair, big feet, and interesting coat pattern add to the unique look of the breed.