Dog ear itching home remedies [Top 5 Treatments]

Dog ear itching home remedies

Most dog owners are used to seeing their dog itching their ears. This is often the result of an ear infection. Dog ear infections may occur repeatedly, and often quite frequently. Below we explore the best home remedies for dealing with itchy dog ears. Read on to find out what works.


Natural Remedies For Itchy Ears

Your dog can pick up an ear infection from bacteria that gets into the ear and has a chance to establish itself. Once in there, the bacteria will start to cause your dog’s ear to become inflamed and irritated.


Types Of Dog Ear Infections?

Your dog might get an ear infection in different parts of its ear as follows:

  • Otitis externa. An infection or inflammation of the visible, outer parts of the ear.
  • Otitis media. An infection or inflammation of the middle ear parts. Around sixteen percent of dogs that pick up an outer ear infection will have it spread to their middle ear. This percentage increases to fifty percent for dogs with a chronic outer ear infection.
  • Otitis interna. If an infection of the middle ear is left untreated, it can go on to become otitis interna, an infection of the inner ear.


What Causes Dog ear itching?

As mentioned the most common cause is an ear infection which can occur due to a variety of reasons, including:

    • Allergic reaction to the environment.
    • Floppy ears.
    • Intolerance or allergy to food.
    • Lifestyle.
    • Parasites.
    • Poor quality food.


Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infections

You will need a vet to give you a proper diagnosis and treatment for your dog’s ear infection. However, there are several things that you can do at home to relieve the symptoms of your dog’s ear problems.


1. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) 

Chamomile is incredible at soothing your dog’s ear irritation. It has the following qualities that will give your dog relief from rubbing and scratching their ears:

    • analgesic
    • anti-inflammatory
    • antiseptic
    • sedative

To apply chamomile to your dog’s ears, make some tea from it and let it cool. Then take a few drops and use it to the infected ear. Chamomile has a powerful calming effect on your dog, which will help it get through the pain and irritation of an ear infection. 

You can also give your dog the chamomile orally by mixing it with a glycerin tincture. Give your dog between 0.25 to 0.5 milliliters per 20 pounds of its weight. Give the drink twice per day, once in the morning and once at night.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar For Dog Ear Infection

Treating your dog’s ear infection with apple cider vinegar is one of the best ways of soothing its pain and irritation. If you choose this method of soothing, make sure that it is unpasteurized vinegar that you use.

Pasteurization will kill off the beneficial elements of the vinegar. If your dog’s ear has become raw or has cuts due to the infection, make sure that you dilute the vinegar, as using it neat will cause more pain. To apply it, use a cotton ball dipped in the vinegar and dab it over the affected area.


3. Coconut Oil Treatment Remedy

This method of soothing your dog’s ear infection takes you to be a bit more creative. First, mix a couple of tablespoons of the oil with some garlic and place it over low heat, then let it cool. You can apply the cooled coconut and garlic oil by dabbing it onto the affected area with some cotton wool.  

4. Oregano Oil for Dogs Treatment

Another oil that will soothe your dog’s ear infections or irritations is oregano. Just a single drop mixed with some liquid aloe vera can be applied to your dog’s affected ear. Never use oregano on its own, as this will cause your dog more irritation.


5. Olive Oil With Tea Tree Oil

An effective treatment for dog ear infections is tea tree oil. Mix one drop of tea tree oil into one-quarter of a cup of warmed olive oil for a soothing remedy for yeast infection. As well as treating yeast infection, tea tree and olive oil will clear up any ear mites that might be lurking in your dog’s ears.

When applying the mixture, give the base of the ear, a light massage to work the solution into the ear canal. Keep using this oil for around ten days, gently cleaning out any debris regularly with cotton balls.


How do you know if your dog has an ear infection?

Catching ear infections early on requires observation, and you need to know what you are looking for. The obvious sign is observing your dog itching his ears. Some other signs that your dog may have an ear infection are as follows:

    1. Bad smell from the infected ear.
    2. ‘Cauliflower’ ear.
    3. Constant shaking of the head.
    4. Decreased energy.
    5. Head tilts to the side.
    6. Inflammation of the ears.
    7. Scratching the ear.
    8. Secretions in the ears.
    9. Warm ears.

Dog ear infections are a common occurrence and, although you should not be over-concerned, you should be aware of the problem. 

Conclusion: Dog ear itching home remedies

If you notice your dog having any of the signs listed above, try some of the home ear infection treatments suggested earlier. If they do not work, consider taking your dog to the vet.